This committee is responsible for identifying, scheduling and planning events.  Events include membership meetings, seminars or workshops, speakers and social networking.

Chair of Programming

Sean Higgins

David Keim, Southwest Region Coordinator

CJ Krause, Northeast Region Coordinator

Patrick Frueh, Central Regional Coordinator

ACMP Ohio Chapter Committees


 The Membership Committee monitors all aspects of membership, including invitations, retention and education—bringing in new members, teaching them about ACMP and then ensuring that the member experience meets everyone’s expectations.

Chair of Membership

Melissa Opasic


This committee is responsible for attracting and retaining  corporate sponsors and managing their involvement, participation and benefits. 

Chair of Sponsorship

Lori LaBeau


The role of the ACMP Ohio Communication Committee member is to help plan and execute the chapter’s annual Marketing and Communication Plan with the goals of promoting awareness, attendance and membership using consistent chapter branding.

Chair of Communication

Eileen Lehmann

Chantelle Snyder, Event Promotion

Ryan Lazoen, Engagement Communication

Committee members are a key part of creating and sustaining our great chapter. If you are interested in becoming more involved in the change management community or leading the ACMP Ohio Chapter, please visit the Volunteer page for open volunteer positions. Volunteer Chair Debra Stets maintains an ongoing list of volunteer opportunities and connects members to the chapter in ways that suit their interests.

Advancing the Field of Change Management in Ohio