Advancing the Field of Change Management in Ohio (and beyond)

Certification is essential for change practitioners, project management professionals and other roles where change management proficiency is needed to deliver results. The CCMP Certification is a globally recognized credential established by the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) – created by change practitioners for change practitioners. The CCMP credential is so much more than a piece of paper,
it’s a sought-after credential in more and more job postings. It verifies and validates your knowledge and expertise in change management and confirms you have the education, experience and skills to effectively manage change, as well as a commitment to personal development within
​the change management discipline.

ACMP Ohio is excited to announce the continuation of our monthly program exclusive for our chapter members – CCMP Quick Connect. This program is designed to help Educate, Support and Connect aspiring and existing CCMPs, as well as those who want to learn more about the certification process. 

ACMP Ohio Chapter Vice President, 
Professional Development Chair, CCMP –
Cristin Chao -

ACMP Ohio CCMP Mentor
Sue Dolloff

CCMP quick connect program for acmp ohio members

Session #2: CCMP Exam Preparation 

Available Dates:

March 14 @ 12PM ET 

July 11 @ 12PM ET | Click to register

​October 10 @ 12PM ET 

Session Topics:

• What to Expect - Knowing

• Get Organized - Planning

• Get Ready - Lock it in
• Study Resources
• Study Groups
• CCMP Stories
• Q&A

Connections & useful links

Session #3: CCMP Maintenance 

Available Dates:

April 11 @ 12PM ET  

August 8 @ 12PM ET | Click to register

November 14 @ 12PM ET

Session Topics:

• Qualified PDUs
• Tracking
• Giving back to the community
• CCMP Stories
• Q&A

ACMP Ohio CCMP Mentor,
Kelly McKillip - LinkedIn

ACMP Ohio Chapter President,
CCMP – James Gerhard -

ACMP Ohio CCMP Mentor,
Brenda Sprite

Session #1: Introduction to CCMP

Available Dates:
February 14 @ 12PM ET 
June 13 @ 12PM ET | Click to register

​September 12 @ 12PM ET

​Session topics:

• Description and Overview of CCMP
• Eligibility requirements: Education,
  Training and Experience
• Application Process

• Timeline
• Resources
• CCMP Stories
• Q&A

ACMP Ohio CCMP Mentor,
Sean Higgins 

Each month ACMP Ohio Chapter CCMPs will lead members though the process, reviewing established CCMP guidelines and resources, as well as adding contextual reinforcement through personal experiences. Local-level support for those considering, embarking on or continuing their CCMP journey. Click on the links below to register.

Program dates & topics

why ccmp?

Click on the resources or reach out to one of the ACMP Ohio CCMP mentors listed below for additional information on CCMP certification and/or our CCMP Quick Connect program.