acmp ohio chapter committees

The committees of ACMP Ohio are the engine that keeps our chapter running. If you are interested in becoming more involved in the change management community or in helping to lead the ACMP Ohio Chapter, please visit the Volunteer Central page and view open volunteer positions.

If you have questions or are interested in participating in ACMP Ohio Chapter committees, contact Stephanie Bell, ACMP Ohio's Volunteer Director.

programming committee

The Regional Programming Coordinators work closely with the Programming Director to provide events and programs for a specified region of the chapter membership. It is the responsibility of this committee to provide interesting and engaging programs that provide information and educational opportunities to chapter members within each regional area.

programming speaker pool

A pool of volunteers who have topics of interest for various ACMP Ohio Programming events.

Chapter President
James Gerhard

MEMBERSHIP committee

The membership committee monitors all aspects of membership, including invitations, retention and education - bringing in new members, teaching them about ACMP, and then ensuring that the member experience meets everyone’s expectations.

Membership Director
Natalie Bullock

Membership Committee Members
Karin Bonev
Marla Oppenheimer

communicationS committee

The role of the ACMP Ohio communications committee is to strategize and help plan and execute the chapter’s annual Marketing and Communications Plan with the goals of promoting awareness, attendance, and membership and helping to bring the chapter brand to life.

Marketing & Communications Director
Tina Neer

Communication Committee Members
John Haight
Erin Kish
Marilynn Rogers
Karen Tiller

sponsorship committee

The sponsorship committee is responsible for attracting and retaining corporate sponsors and managing their involvement, participation and benefits.

Sponsorship Director
Lori LaBeau

 volunteer committee

The volunteer committee cares for those who volunteer for ACMP Ohio and includes, volunteer recruitment, engagement, and retention ensuring that the volunteer experience is optimized for a positive experience.

Volunteer Director
Radha Desai

Volunteer Committee Members
Sue Dolloff
Julia Shumulinsky

special duties/assignments

Special duties as assigned to strengthen the ACMP Ohio mission and advance the chapter’s maturity.

Special Interests/Assignments
Cristin Chao

Special Interests Committee Members
Sean Higgins
Kelly Mckillip
Brenda Sprite